#1 ERP – Netsuite ERP review

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Cloud computing is a new era development that has made running businesses so easy and efficiently.

The common model for any business is to always minimize costs while increasing the revenues.

While the latter may involve a lot of marketing to make your product known, the former is usually much easier considering the level of technology prevailing today.

The #1 cloud computing platform in the market today is Netsuite from Oracle. Being a robust, reliable and very affordable platform, it has a solution for each and every business.

Currently, it is being used by more than 40,000 organizations worldwide. Let us just look at some of the features that make it the #1 preferred cloud computing solution in the world.

  1. Business Intelligence for free and for all

    To evaluate business performance, reports and key indicators are used. Netsuite offers easily accessible reports and key indicators which help assess how the business is performing and also any adjustments that may need to be made. This business data is analyzed and displayed from within the system, thus saving you valuable time.
  2. Commerce-ready ERP

    Given that businesses vary across the various industries, having a cloud computing model that offers customizations across all the industries is key. This is one of the major benefits that Netsuite offers.
  3. Built-in flexibility

    Another benefit from Netsuite, is that it offers you the ability to scale up as your business grows. You can also adopt new business models as need be, depending on the changing business environment. This flexibility offers seamless migration in that, any time you upgrade your plan, your configurations and customization are migrated effortlessly.
  4. Modernization

    Considering the current trends in technology and sociality, Netsuite allows you to integrate these aspects into your business model. This in itself is a way of making your business trend in the social network, thus a way of advertising. Security is always key, in that this is facilitated behind a firewall.
  5. Accessibility

    Netsuite is accessible all over the world. You just have to select your region, and automatically your customization will align with your geographical location.

In our next review, we will look at the pricing and plans available from Netsuite.

It is crucial to note that Netsuite offers more than just ERP solutions.

You can find out more here.