Harmony PSA Product Review

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We have seen a lot of developments that have occurred as a result of technological innovations. The financial sector is no exception.

Currently we have almost everything being done using a computer in the finance sector.

Professional Services Automation (PSA), has had a share in these innovations. One such system is the Harmony PSA.

This system is designed to be the best intelligent contract system.
It understands the revenue and costs associated with each and every action, which translates to your business running smoothly.

You are able to analyze your business performance any time, in real-time.

The two key features that make this software the best are:

1. Unrivalled flexibility
Built with unlimited configurability, you can configure it to suit your business needs. For any business.
2. Maintenance free, enterprise wide data

Harmony holds your data centrally. You just have to update it once, and it becomes available for all for a variety of tasks across your business functions.

The maintenance of your data is free. You only have to focus on your business, Harmony will take care of your data for you.

Now let’s look at what Harmony offers you in terms of performance.

1. Campaigns and leads
Thinking of marketing your business? Then you can do this from within Harmony. You can run your sales campaigns directly in Harmony. With just a few simple integrations, you create leads from your site, track campaign statistics and revenue.

2. Opportunities
You are able to capture various opportunities with multiple quotes available.

3. Quotes and orders
From simple ad-hoc sales to price-book driven complex product bundles, quoting is quick and orders are able to be processed seamlessly with on-line order approval.

4. Purchase orders
Back-to-back purchasing, cross-currency if needed, comes automatically from the price book to order. Post-sales order editing gives you the flexibility to optimise your purchasing.

5. Your Assets
Totally configurable asset management, with bulk update capability, driving device-based billing models. Model assets the way you wish with more than 60 customer fields.

6. Contracts
Harmony’s powerful contract management models recurring, pre-payment and consumption contracts with ease, automating billing and saving you time and money.

7. RMM Integrations
Harmony’s advanced bi-direction integrations permit asset sync, plus automatic ticket open and incident closure actions, to drive incident-based billing without fake time bookings.

8. Service desk
The no-compromise service desk area interlinks with contracts, assets and tiered SLAs, enabling you to offer a la cart service models to fit your customers’ needs precisely.

9. Knowledge base
Communicate information with a Knowledge Base powered by full text search, user and customer level security, ticket specific, asset specific and viewable on customer portal.

10. Projects
Plan and run your projects with dependency driven Gantt charts, full RAG tile array, track costs, budgets and progress using EV methodology, combine fixed price and T&M in the same project.

11. Time sheets
Harmony’s time recording and configurable billing method mapping, underpinned by object-based timers, makes time recording a breeze not a chore.

12. Customer Portal
With the ability to write your own CSS, promote customer-specific content and incorporate smart tags with the integration of tickets, orders, invoices and statements, you can make the portal your own.

13. Expenses
Internal, project, billable, reimbursable, multi-currency, intercompany, credit card or cash based, auto-tax treatment for external labour – the most complete expenses treatment available.

14. Invoicing and payments
Harmony’s automatic invoice line and supplier payment line generation, driven by contract terms, saves hours in Finance. BluesnapTM and BACS integration are fully supported at no extra cost.

15. Accounting
The only complete PSA tool with WIP, automated deferred revenue and prepayment contract accounting.
Harmony’s finance automation means errors and spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

Another useful feature from Harmony, is its ability to integrate with various other tools that you need to run your business. These include:
Intuit Quickbooks
• Sage 50
• Xero
• Syspro
• Bluesnap
• Outlook
• Gmail
• Microsoft
• Sharepoint
• Solarwinds MSP
• Ninja
• MSP N – Central
• Ring Central
• Slack
• Zapier
• Unbounce

In addition, there are supported integration infrastructure, which include:

Zapier endpoints
• Dynamic hyper-links (permitting single click access to Teamviewer, Google Maps etc)
• RestFUL interface
• Scripted accounting interface

Given that the world is comprised of people from different regions, Harmony offers additional features to incorporate this into their system. These are:

• Multi – Currency
• Multi – lingual
• Multi – time zone
• Multi – entity
• Multi – brand
• Multi – tax jurisdiction

This powerful PSA, comes with very affordable pricing plans. See pricing plans here.