Project Management online – with Wrike

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Project management is one of the key challenges to most businesses.

Integrating projects with the goals of the company, both long-term and short-term has been one of the main challenges facing the managers today.

However, with technology advancement, business integration is becoming more of a solution, than a challenge, thanks to modern software solutions.

One of the best business integration software, is Wrike.

Wrike is an online project management system, which are commonly referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS).

It has been designed to eliminate the challenges and conflicts that interfere with projects, resulting in delays, huge project costs as well as inefficiencies in the projects.

Let’s look at how Wrike handles project management to allow smooth operations.

  1. Availability
    Wrike is accessible online from any location on earth. The only requirement is an internet connection and a device to connect e.g. computer or phone.
    This eliminates the need for bulky project papers, being moved from one location to the other. This saves on both costs and time.
  1. Collaborative editing
    Another challenge that faces projects, is the time taken to review the work of each team, and come up with a conclusive decision.
    But with Wrike, this is done in real-time.
    Allowing multiple users on the platform, ideas/findings can be shared in real-time, and decisions made as well. This saves a lot on time.
  2. Real time reporting
    The issue of reporting is a key challenge for most businesses. Wrike offers the ability to generate reports as data is input in real-time.
    This allows for review of performance, to determine which adjustments need to be done, to ensure efficient performance.
  3. Abundance in resources
    The issue of resource scarcity has been known to cause conflicts in projects.This is not an issue when you are using Wrike.
    With the availability online, and multi-user access, the resources will be enough for your projects. The time saved, also allows for staff to be relocated to other projects seamlessly. 
  4. Accountability
    For project success, accountability is a key factor.
    With the help of Wrike’s reporting capabilities, each member and team is able to account for their input, as well as their consumption in terms of resources.
  5. Seamless professional integration
    In cases where there is scarcity of professionals, projects have been known to be delayed, awaiting a professional to complete another project.But with Wrike, one professional can serve multiple projects from just one location. The ease of access of the project resources ensures continuous project flow.

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