Amend KRA I-Tax Details

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The I-Tax KRA system has made accessing KRA so much easier, in this tutorial we are going to look at how to amend your PIN details on I-Tax.

First of all login to i-tax using your login details(PIN and Itax password).

Once you login in you should see a page like the one displayed below.

Once logged in, just follow these steps:

  1. This opens the e-amendment
    registration form. Under applicant
    type select taxpayer. (‘however if you
    are amending on behalf of another
    person/company, select agent’) NB: Please note that you can only amend as an agent, if the taxpayer has
        authorised you to do returns on their  behalf.
  2. Under mode of amendment, select
    either online form- to amend the
    details online then click next, or
    upload form –to fill the form in excel
    and then submit it.
  3. To be able to amend the PIN
    details check/tick the PIN box in order
    to open the amend options.
  4. Here there are the various sections
    that can be amended which include:
    • Basic information
    • Bank account details
    • Tributary bonds
    • Tax agent
    • Alternative address
    • Partnership, corporate and trust
    • Source of income
    • Intermediary agent to submit
    returns on behalf of the taxpayer.
    NB: Note that there are some PIN details
    that cannot be amended on i-tax. These
    include: citizenship, names ID number /
    business registration number.
    To amend such details, one needs to go to
    their tax station. However some of these
    details like I.D number/registration
    number and names may involve use of an

    If you feel that you are more suited with videos lessons, you can check out our Video tutorials or visit our youtube channel.

  5. In step four, select the sections
    that you want to amend, and click
  6. Change all the details that you
    want to amend, i.e. replace the current
    details that you want to amend, and
    input the correct ones. E.g. if you want
    to change your current email address,
    let’s say the email is to, go to the
    principal contact details under basic
    information, delete the existing email
    which is
    and input
    The emails above are just examples.
  7. Once you have edited all the
    details that you want to edit, scroll to
    the bottom of the page, and click on
  8. Once this is done, you will receive a
    confirmation in your current email,
    notifying you of the amendment done.
    Amendment usually takes from a day to
    about a week to be approved. Once the
    approval is made, you will receive a
    notification in your email informing you
    that that amendment has been
    approved.If there is any issue with your
    amendment application, then you will
    receive a notification in your email,
    informing you of the same.

    That is how you amend your KRA
    PIN details.

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