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its friday

What is Friday?

To most people, Friday signifies the end of a tough week. It signifies a time when you forget about all your troubles and look forward to a great weekend. But… Read more »

Make it worth it

To win you must endure, to receive the prize, you must pay the price, to conquer you must be willing to persist, you must keep going, you have to keep… Read more »

old age regrets

Old age regrets!!

What do you think is the greatest regret that old people have today? Do they regret what they did? Where they went? What they said?  Who they loved? Who they… Read more »

cock crows

The cock crows

I happened to be awake at around 1 am and I heard a cock crow. I decided to investigate this behaviour to check whether that cock would still crow every… Read more »

find the motivation to keep moving

Do good today

I had seen this man for like a month. Always in the same place as I was heading for work. He would always smile every morning to everyone who passed… Read more »