Do good today

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I had seen this man for like a month. Always in the same place as I was heading for work. He would always smile every morning to everyone who passed by.

He was always dressed officially, though I never knew what his work was, or where he worked.

One thing that was quite unique with him was his smile.

To many he always seemed like a mad person, but no one knew this for sure.

The other day I decided to talk to him, just to see who he was, and why he was always sitting in that same spot every day from around 6.00 am to 8.00 pm.

What he told me shocked me. He was actually a senior manager at a big company.

He went on to tell me that, the little things we do in life are the ones that make the major difference in people’s lives and in the society at large.

He told me that most people wake up so disappointed, either due to failure, stress at home or work, or many other negatives that cause people to be dull in the morning.

So, he decided that he would take about two hours in each morning and just smile at people as they head to their daily chores.

To him, just by simply smiling, you can make a person’s day better.

No one may have actually to tell him that he just made their day, but sure enough he must have made someone’s day start positively.

At times we wait to have better situations in order to start making that positive difference. But all it takes is to just use what you have right now to make this world a better place.

Think of this, suppose everyone focused on always being positive, and doing good unto others, how awesome would this world be.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to be kind, be kind today, you never know what tomorrow holds.

You are only sure of today and now.