Jobs 2018 – consider working for Safaricom

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What is the experience working for Safaricom?

It is usually considered to be the biggest tech company in Kenya. Established back in 1997 as a private company, it has now grown to become a tech giant in Kenya.

For most students, especially those who have a major interest in technology, working for Safaricom would be a dream come true.

But what does it take to secure a job with Safaricom, and how is the work experience?

We will look at these two issues, to help you better prepare if you are interested in getting a job with Safaricom.

With the current economic status in Kenya, jobs are hard to come by. With some many people looking for white-collar jobs, and very few companies offering the opportunities, competition is very stiff.

Like most big companies in the world, Safaricom has it’s own share when it comes to graduate recruitment. Through their Safaricom Discover Program, they recruit fresh graduates.

Back in the year 2014, they recruited 16 graduates who joined this program.

This usually runs for about 18 months, and the graduates get a lot of exposure to the business world, and learn about leadership to help them prepare for the challenges of leadership tomorrow.

They also offer internship opportunities every year to about, 650 students from across the various universities.
Other than that, can also secure a job by applying through professional hire in their website, careers section.

Let’s now look at the Safaricom Discover Program.

What does it offer?

  1. 18 months training program
  2. Experience cross functional rotations across the business
  3. Learn from the finest minds in their field
  4. Use cutting-edge technology
  5. Experience ongoing opportunities to progress your career
  6. Permanent job offer

What is required?

  1. An ambitious, passionate attitude
  2. Bachelor’s degree with a strong academic record
  3. No more than one year’s work experience

For internship opportunities, aspiring students register their resumes on the Safaricom career portal, indicating their area of interest and availability.

For example, Telecommunications engineering, May to August 2018. An assessment is done after shortlisting, to determine the perfect match for the internships.

For professional hires, see Safaricom careers section

How does it feel, and what do you learn working in Safaricom?

  1. Teamwork
    This is where you learn the benefits of teamwork at the supreme scale. Given that the staff is dedicated, coordination among the teammates makes the work environment perfect.
  2. Innovation
    As with most tech companies, innovation is at the top of the list. The daily need to come up with new ideas challenges individuals, who work very hard to deliver innovative solutions to clients. Solutions like mobile money transfer (MPESA) speak for themselves.
  1. Free talk time
    Free airtime to the staff, means that you can actually communicate with your friends and family without limits.
  2. Equality
    There is no distinction in terms of permanent and intern staff. All staffs are treated equally.
  3. Remuneration
    It is known to be one of the best paying companies in Kenya. You get rewarded handsomely for your dedication and hard work.
  4. Travel allowance
    If you work late, especially in cases where you have to meet the deadline, then a cab will be provided for you.
  5. Gym services
    They offer gym services to their employees, at subsidized prices. ONLY Ksh 700/Month. The gym is fully equipped and a trainer is available.
  6. Free lunch and coffee
    When working at Safaricom, you can strike off the lunch and coffee expense from your budget. These are offered free to all employees.
  7. Team building
    With their team building events and trips, you get time to enhance your teamwork as well as have fun with your fellow colleagues.
  1. Limitless
    The best thing in this life, is the ability to use your skills and knowledge without limitations. It is the essence of growth in life. At Safaricom, you can only be limited by your own imagination.

Watch this video, to get an experience of working with Safaricom.

There are even more benefits of working at Safaricom. You can learn more by visiting Safaricom website careers section.