John’s answer to his prayer

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He had just got to the train station, when it started raining. John had experienced a rough day, especially with the rumors that there was going to be a retrenchment where he works. There had been tension, as no one knew who would be retrenched.

The train was about 5 minutes away, so he decided to just relax and wait for the train. There were a lot of people in the station, some moving and others just waiting for the train like him.

Due to the tough weather conditions, news broke that the train would be delayed by another 30 minutes. This was bad news for John, for he was supposed to get home early enough to get his son from school. But he had no choice, but to wait.

In his mind the entire waiting time was tormenting. He was visualizing what would happen if he never made it home in time. The school where his son went, was a low-level school.

If you never went for your kid in time, there were chances that he/she may get lost never to be seen again. Kids’ security was never taken seriously there. He could not afford to take him to a high-level school, considering his financial constraints.

Finally, the train arrived, bringing his torment to an end. Usually the journey took about 30 minutes to get home. But today was definitely not his day. Half-way along his journey, the train got an emergency, and it would take another 20 minutes to fix.

This was more and more bad news for John. “What is happening to me, today?”. He wondered in his mind. Now the chance of him losing his son was more of a reality, than a thought.

He had never gone to church, or even been religious. But he remembered that from his childhood, he had heard that there is a God in heaven, who answers prayers. He had never prayed, so he never knew where to start. The only thing that he would say was. “Please let my son be okay.”

The train was fixed and they embarked on the remaining part of the journey. This was a smooth one, and there were no more delays. When they arrived to their destination, John hurriedly rushed off the train, and started running towards the school, just hoping that his son was okay.

Before he even got to the school, what he saw shocked him. He saw his son sitting with a street kid, who was about thrice his age. They seemed to have the best moments of their lives. They were laughing uncontrollably, as they enjoyed themselves.

The only thought that came to John’s mind was, “My son has just taken drugs and that’s why he is laughing like this.” He quickly grabbed his son from the street kid, and was about to discipline the street kid for giving his son drugs when he saw this.

“What you see, and what you think may not be always true.”, these words were written on the school bag that he had bought for his son. He decided to ask his son, what had happened, and why they were laughing like that.

His son narrated the story that he had been given by the street kid, and John could not hold his tears back, the story was so funny, while at the same time he was so happy that his son was okay. He thanked the street kid and they went home.

You see, John’s prayer was answered, but maybe not how he would have expected it to be answered.

At times we may feel that our prayer is not being answered, while in reality it was answered ages ago. Just not how we expected it.