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Are you interested in learning programming in any language but are not sure where to start?

Computer programming is done in a number of languages which include: C++, Python, Java, PHP, HTML and others. The challenge for most programming enthusiasts is the costs, availability as well as accessibility.

But suppose you could be offered programming so easily and for FREE? without any need for any software installation or application. You just need an internet connection.

This is what sololearn offers.

Sololearn is an online code learning platform that is accessible from anywhere in the world, and offers these lessons for free. You can either learn on the web, or download the app (android as well as iOS).

The lessons included are from all the common programming languages which are : C++, Python, Java, Javascript, C#, PHP, Swift, Ruby, jQuery, HMTL, CSS and  SQL.

It has over 24 million learners worldwide.

With its’ comprehensive lessons, you will become an accomplished computer and web programmer in no time.

It also allows you to save your codes online, as well as share them with other coders.

All you need to access this awesome platform is just an email address. Sign up for Sololearn here.