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The winner

The winner’s fight is bloody and messed up, But their triumph is a lasting story. The loser’s fight is one of comfort, And their outcome is shameful loss.

success ahead

The road is unfamiliar to many

The road is unfamiliar to many, That leads to success. It is avoided by most, Because of the risks involved. But desired by all, Because of the results it gives.

winning in life

My win awaits

My win awaits ahead, But my journey is tough, I will however get to my victory Whatever it takes. And I will crush Whatever, whoever stands in my way

last day on earth

Last day??

What if today was my last day? What would I regret most? Things done, or things undone? I don’t wanna sit and imagine, What would have happened. I wanna sit… Read more »


Identity’s fight

The fight for identity is a tough one, Some give up, others give in. But to those who press on, One thing is certain Their true identity awaits ahead. You… Read more »

My destiny

My destiny

Quitting I never will, Giving up I never must, For whether good or bad, I will keep moving I will forever stand For my destiny has only one thing Success.

never quit

Never Quit

To keep going means, Stick to the fight no matter what To win a battle means Only stop fighting when your enemy fails But to succeed in life, Never quit… Read more »