Limitless – how to

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What if we could be limitless or be able to do anything, anytime, anywhere?

I was watching a movie called limitless, most of you may be aware of it, and the thought struck me.

Imagine being able to use all of your brain. As much as human beings are considered to be limited, at times I feel that we tend to underutilized our abilities.

According to a survey conducted in the US, 65% of the Americans believe that we only use 10 percent of our brain capacity.

Using 10% of our brain

But is it a just a myth, or a fact?

Before we even go further, think about your life. You may be a student, a worker or may be just jobless. On a daily basis, how many unique and new things do you do?

For most of the working-class guys, what they do is usually repeated every day. You need less than 5% of your brain to do this kind of repetitive work.

Now considering you have no family, which maybe means that after work you just go home, relax and watch TV or movies then your day ends.

watching tv

For your case, you actually use <5% of your brain. When each day ends, all the unused energy, both physical and mental for that day, goes with it.

Tomorrow you will have new energy, which would still be available if you depleted yesterdays’ energy fully.

This means one thing, it’s like being given $10,000 each new day. At the end of the day, if you have not spent all the money, it will be taken away , and tomorrow you will receive another $10,000.

You end up spending <$500 each day, and the rest<, $9,500 is taken away because you don’t use it. We tend to do the same with our brain.

The fact in life is, our brain never stops working even when we sleep. That is why we dream. Spending <10% of your brain, especially in your youth may be detrimental to your old age. This is where the society just becomes a cycle.

Birth – school- work – marriage – kids – old age – death

And this is passed to the next generation.

But if we really knew the power of our brains, and the potential that is there, then maybe we can break this cycle.

First of all, before we even start discovering the power of our brains, we must accept that we need to really change our mentality.

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