Login in to Huawei Router AR series

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Login in to Huawei router AR series and control the network? Let me show you how

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to login in to your AR Huawei router series.

If you are a network administrator or simply just curious about how to get into the router interface, then this tutorial is right for you.

To get started, open a new web page using any browser. In the address field, type in, and press enter.

The browser may indicate that the connection is not secure, just ignore this by clicking on advanced, “add exception” and check/uncheck “permanently store this exception”, depending on your preference. See the differences here.

Upon doing this,you should get an interface like the one below.

Don’t know the login details? No worry.

All routers come with default login details, which you can use to login in here.

You can then change these details (if you wish), just the normal way you change your phone or computer username and password.

The default login details are :

  • Username : admin
  • Password : Admin@huawei

Once you input these details, just click login. That’s it

The above login details are applicable only to Huawei AR models. There are other Huawei models. You can get the login details of these other models.

Click here Huawei router login details.

If you have any follow-up questions, or need any assistance, always feel free to contact us.