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Online Project Management is one of the greatest achievement, that you attribute to technology development.

Everyone usually has something to be thankful for technology advancement. One particular benefit that is being enjoyed worldwide is the ease with which daily functions are carried out.

When it comes to businesses, there is no exception. Technology has made the daily business operations so smooth and efficient, such that business-people can now afford a lot of free time to develop their social life.

In this review, we are going to look at how technology has enhanced project management.

Project management has always been a hectic endeavor for businesses. Due to the many personnel involved and the diversity of projects, most times are which they end up being ran inefficiently.

But not anymore. There is a new face in project management. The face called Wrike.

Wrike is an online project management platform, that allows you to manage your projects online anytime, anywhere & efficiently.

It has revolutionized the project management field. To learn about the features of Wrike, see Project management online with Wrike.

But for now, let us look at some of the major companies that trust Wrike for their project managements:

  1. Airbnb
    Airbnb is an American company that operates an online marketplace an hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging including hotel rooms, apartments, holiday cottages etc.

    According to the Airbnb’s Creative Production Manager, Hoon Kim:

    “With everything contained in Wrike, we were able to leverage Wrike’s functionality to increase the quality of our assets across the board, make sure they were consistent, and also see where we were being efficient.”


  1. Verizon
    Verizon is an American telecommunications company which offers wireless products and services.

    According to Verizon’s Marketing Project Manager, Courtney Hatch:

    Wrike is the solution that I found to be the best fit for how we work. It’s customizable enough for each person on the team to easily see the big picture and get things done.”

  2. MTD
    MTD products is an American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for the mass market.

    According to MTD’s Chief Products Engineer, Ryan Cmich:

    “If the whole organization wants to see how it all comes together, they can look at that folder structure broken out by system. But then on a daily basis, people can just focus on their Dashboards structured in the way their particular tasks move through.”


  1. Hootsuite
    Hootsuite is a social media management platform.

    According to Hootsuite’s Marketing Project Manager, Brian Lam:

    “I think it’s amazing to be able to have a tool that helps us collaborate, and to be surrounded by people that have the same vision and really want to get everything done, and done beautifully.”


  1. UMPQUA Bank
    Umpqua Bank is a financial holding company based in downtown Portland, Oregon, USA.

    According to Umpqua Bank’s VP of Creative Services Jason Resch:

    “When we’re looking at 150 jobs a month, and trying to imagine how we’re going to accomplish getting all those jobs done, and how to organize them all — I can’t imagine how we would do it without a solution like Wrike.”


  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Monterey Bay Aquarium is a nonprofit public aquarium in Monterey, California.

    According to the Digital Learning Manager, Katy Scott:

    “Collaboration has improved dramatically, not because the people have changed — we’ve always wanted to help, but now we have a tool that allows us to figure out how we can help each other better.”

These are just some of the major companies that trust Wrike for their project management requirements.

You can also enjoy the benefits of online project management with Wrike. Get you plan today here.

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I hope all your project management problems will be resolved with Wrike.