how to win in life

Life 110

A winner believes in possibilities, No matter what. A loser believes in possibilities, Only when circumstances are favorable. So which one are you?

standing out

Life 109

To win you must stand when: Others are falling, Others are giving up. And to achieve, you must keep: Going when others fall away, Fighting when others shy away. The… Read more »

winning a fight

Life 108

The winner’s fight is bloody and messed up, But their triumph is a lasting story. The loser’s fight is one of comfort, And their outcome is shameful loss.

the road to success

Life 107

The road is unfamiliar to many, That leads to success. It is avoided by most, Because of the risks involved. But desired by all, Because of the results it gives.

The light of success

Life 106

The shadows seem so real, The doubt sounds so close, Pushing me down they do, But I rise hungry for only one thing, Success. No matter how much I miss… Read more »

overcoming in life

Life 105

To break I will, To crush I must, To ignore I choose, The voices telling me I can’t The challenges trying to put me down, The “give up” encouragements, For… Read more »

beautiful morning

Life 103

A morning to be cherished, A morning to change things, A morning to start afresh, A morning to take the step, A morning to forever remember, The morning when my… Read more »

inpiring quotes

Life 102

Winning or losing is a choice, one that entails action or inaction.