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love poems

You make my day

The thought of seeing you sends shivers to my spine The fragrance of your perfume takes my breath away The smile on your face warms my heart And your presence… Read more »

love poems

My love for you

Cherishing you I will Never letting you go For my love to you is unfathomable Surpassing all worldly love That ever or will ever exist

If I Could

If I could I would Open my heart for you to see What lies within For words will never be enough To express what I feel To let you know… Read more »

love poems

Your Love

To think not, I choose About any other woman To cherish, I never will Any other love Except yours

love poems

Your Love will last

Though the night comes, My love for you darkens not Though my memories fade One memory never will The memory of your love.

One Wish

If I was to have one wish, It would be to be with you To always have you in my arms To tell you what is in my heart To… Read more »