Retrieve hidden files in a flash drive

In this tutorial, I will show you how to retrieve hidden files in a flash drive or pendrive.

Usually, files may be hidden by a virus ,malware or any other interference.

Most times, when a file is hidden by a virus/malware, it’s not possible to retrieve it by simply checking the option of “show hidden files” as provided in windows.

NB: Always type the commands/instructions given without quotes, unless indicated explicitly that you should do so.

Let’s look at how you can recover these files another way.

  • Click the “start” button, and then click on “run”. (alternatively, press the “windows key” and the letter “R” together)
  • Type “cmd” and press enter, or okay.

Now you need to know the letter representing your flash drive/ pendrive.

  • To know the letter of your drive, go to the windows explorer, and click on “My computer/This PC”.
  • You should see all the drives attached to your pc, including your flash drive/pendrive.
  • Once you know the device letter, type the following command in the “cmd”.
  •  Assuming your flash drive letter is represented by letter “g”, then type the command below:
  • Attrib –g –r –s/s/d g:\*.*

Now all your files including the hidden files will be available and visible.

Remember to replace “g” with he actual letter of your flash drive/pendrive.

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