Should we replace the universal education system with talent academies

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How was the education system developed?

This is a question that I have been pondering about for quite some time. More so, when I come across a doctor whose has a military attitude, or a pastor with a police attitude.

Don’t get me wrong all these careers are great. But the point is, a doctor is supposed to use calm words when addressing a patient, while an army officer’s job description calls for toughness.

But what happens when a person meant to be an army officer, ends up being a doctor? Of course the society will suffer.

This is what we get from having an education system that is not definitive. Just think of this:

“How is chemistry or biology beneficial to a person meant to be an athlete?”

 All that this does is we end up forcing people to take subjects/units that won’t help them in future. Suppose instead we replaced the entire education system with talent academies?

Where people start their specialization in their career fields right from childhood.

If you were to ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, their answers are always full of hope and possibilities. But after spending time in the society and learning about the hardships that are there, many fall away. Only the strong few keep going.

This is where people end up doing careers, not because they want to, but they have to, because they need money.

But suppose we exposed all people to the career field that they love from childhood. Then we would have great doctors, great teachers, great athletes, great footballers etc.

This is because they would end up specializing right from childhood. This is what we will get, when we decide to establish talent academies, instead of having a universal education system.

Let’s just look at the benefits of talent academies:

  1. Lifetime specialization
  2. Eliminate unnecessary costs
  3. Centralized resources
  4. Easy access to skills
  5. Reduced training time
  6. Enhanced innovation

These are just some of the benefits that accrue from establishing talent academies. In addition, just looking at some of the shortcomings of universal education system that talent academies would help eliminate. These include:

  1. Eliminate redundant training
  2. Seamless resource allocation
  3. Crowd innovation
  4. Collaborative solutions
  5. Seamless employment placement

The benefits of talent academies are endless. The lists above are just examples.

The real benefits will be fully enjoyed when we establish these academies to replace the universal education system.