Video editing with Movavi 360° video editor

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Video editing is becoming so easy as technology advances.

Unlike in the past where you had to take months if not years trying to master the skill of video editing, these days editing has become so simplified that anyone can become a professional video editor within a few days.

With the introduction of Movavi 360° video editor, all you need is just a platform to run it, a few tutorials and you are on your way to a professional video editor.

Being available for Windows and Mac, anyone can access it.

Let us look at why the Movavi 360° video editor is so unique and why you should consider getting yours today.


  1. Super easy to use –  create and edit videos in no time.
  2. Extensive customization – including adding filters, titles, transitions and soundtracks.
  3. Easy sharing  –  after creation, you can easily export your video and share it on video sites like youtube.
  4. 3D preview – you can easily navigate easily thro’ the 360° window.
  5. Color adjustment – you can either customize color manually or automatically.
  6. Ultra HD support – you can upload or export your videos in high dimension.
  7. Picture in picture – you can add videos to your original video, thus able to combine many videos to a perfectly customized output
  8. Speed adjustment – you can adjust the video speed to either slow motion or fast speed depending on your requirements.
  9. Audio editing – you can adjust to remove background noise, equalize, normalize volume or add sound effects.
  10. Highlight and conceal – this allows you to create a focus where you want your viewers to view, while blurring the other parts of the screen.

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