Virtual Phone System with CallHippo

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A new face in cloud computing is the Virtual Phone System.

With the introduction of cloud computing came great relief for many businesses.

Cloud computing is advancing even further with the introduction of the virtual phone system.

virtual phone system

In simple terms, a virtual phone system is an internet based phone. It allows you to monitor all your calls, from which you can configure auto-attendants to receive the call, and offer a list of options to your callers.

Once the caller selects an option, they can be forwarded to any phone number depending on their needs. This can be a mobile, landline etc. They will then be attended by the person who receives the call.

This makes it so easy and affordable to use, such that even small businesses can afford to have a professional answering service which could only be afforded by big companies in the past.

Various companies offer these services but one of the best is CallHippo. In this review, we will look at the features of CallHippo and  how it will help you take your business to the next level. The most distinguishing features of CallHippo include:

  1. Fast setup
    Setting up your support center takes less than 3 minutes. All you need is an internet connection, computer and a headset. You can then invite team members and assign numbers. No need for heavy equipment or skilled technicians.
  1. Activity feed
    This is usually useful when you need to refer to this data in the future. You can get caller details, call status, time duration, retrieve call recordings and real-time call report on your call status history.
  2. Limitless numbers
    You can add a new number any time. This allows you to customize your numbers for each country and department.
  3. Flexible working hours
    You can decide your working hours based on your location. In addition, you will choose what your hours will be depending on your availability. In case you are not available, you can enable voicemail response.
  4. Team collaboration
    By assigning a number to each team-mate, you can collaborate the team efforts seamlessly.
  5. Call forwarding
    This allows forwarding of calls to any number of phones. As a result, you are available at any time, day or night.
  6. Ring all
    In case there are more than one user associated with a number, you can enable this option to allow all users to receive the call. Any one user can initiate the conversation.
  7. On hold music
    Keep your customers entertained as they wait for a response to their call. You can use CallHippo music, or upload your own custom music.

See the pricing plans below, as well as a table-wise comparison of features.