Creating windows installation media, super-easy

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Welcome.In this tutorial, am going to show you how to create a windows installation media, without any technical expertise.

The process is called creating a windows bootable medium.

First of all you need to have the following prerequisites:

  1. PowerISO
  2. ISO image (for the version of windows you want). Click here for more information

Download and install PowerISO. See how to install a program here.

Steps for creating a bootable medium:

  1. After downloading and installing the PowerISO, open it and follow these steps.
    You can use the unregistered/trial version for now.
  1. Go to the tools option, in your menu and click on create bootable USB drive. See below
    creating bootable medium

    Note you need to have a flash disk inserted into your computer. NB The flash will be formatted, so make sure that no document is stored there. If it prompts you to run PowerISO as administrator, just click “yes” or “okay”. 
  2. This will pop out the following options:
    -Image file – click on browse, locate and select your ISO
    -Destination USB drive -be careful here, select the flash disk where you want to create your medium in. This will format your flash, (erasing everything in it!!!)
    -Write method – make sure this is set to USB-HDD
    -File system – this should be automatic. See figure belowcreating bootable medium
    Once all is set, click on start and wait, see below. This may take a few minutes

    creating bootable medium

creating bootable medium

creating bootable medium

creating bootable medium


Once all this done, you will have a windows setup ready to be installed in any computer.

For more information on how to install windows, see installing windows OS.